Welcome to The Grove

I am a Druid follower of Jesu living in the hills of East Tennessee. Druidry and Christianity have joined hands since Christianity came to Ireland. Some speculate that many of the early Irish monks were Druids who had integrated Druid practices into Christianity, and it is said that the Druids knew about Christ long before Christianity took root in their lands. The Romans never made it into Ireland and Scotland, so early Irish Christianity was rooted in Irish culture instead of the culture and punitive justice of Rome. Among other things this included a sense of God present in creation, resulting in a deep reverence for the natural world.

Welcome to the grove! Here you’ll find Pagan and Christian prayers, poetry, and ritual as well as reflection on a wide range of topics. I hope you find something that speaks to you in some way. Stay as long as you like, and when you are ready, go in peace.

Bright Blessings!