Evening Offering

As the Sun sinks to its rest and the shadows deepen,
I raise my hands and begin to chant …

I reach out in blessing to the North, offering peace.
I turn to the South ... but wait!
In the woods behind me, a raucous grunting and trampling of leaves and brush.
What’s that? Who’s there?
We are your brother and sisters, the deer from the wood,
coming to drink from the stream.
Welcome, welcome!
(Cernunnos, Lord, open the way!)

The deer, the birds, 
a spider in its nearby (enormous) web, 
the wind, and the trees themselves 
join me as I light the evening lights, 
Saying our goodbyes to the spirits of the day
And honoring those who come with the dark.

Music, a choir singing
“Sure on this shining night of starmade shadows round … “
What’s that I see?
The field beside me blazes with tiny lights
As fireflies welcome the night in a wondrous glittering display.

With Cernunnos’ woodland company,
I pray for love and understanding
And make my solemn vow to the Shining Ones.

Thank you, thank you for joining me and offering me your blessing.
Please be welcome, 
May this always be a place of peace and safety. 

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