Happy New Year

The Fool from a
The Fool from a “color your own” Rider-Waite tarot deck2016 is now history, and 2017 lies open before us. It’s a new year, and what better time to reflect on The Fool from the tarot? While we often think of a fool as stupid or idiotic, this fool is anything but. He is stepping out on a new adventure with a whole world of possibilities ahead of him, as seen in the wide open sky and the distant mountains. The rose represents freedom, possibly from old patterns that have held him back from reaching his full potential.   He’s also found a friend to share the journey, and the dog is just as playful and joyful as his human friend. As with any new undertaking, things can go wrong, sometimes horribly. The Fool dances precariously close to the edge of the cliff. Is he confident, brave, or careless? You decide.



What adventures await you in this new year?

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