Tarot for the Year, Part One

It’s 2022, and 2021 ended in a chaotic state with new, more contagious variants of the COVID-19 virus that has dominated our lives since early 2020. December 31, 2021 also brought the sad news that one of our most beloved celebrities, Betty White, died peacefully at the age of 99, far too soon for many of us. On a more personal front, I’m still dealing with a wounded foot that has been part of my life since mid-2019. I had surgery right after Christmas to remove a small bone that was putting pressure on the wound from inside, preventing it from healing. As a result, I’m bringing in the new year on the couch with my foot elevated. Perhaps the most disturbing thing is the weather. It’s January 1, and the temperature was in the mid-70s today. Tonight, we are under severe thunderstorm warnings and a tornado watch, when ordinarily we would be concerned with wind chills and the possibility of ice and snow.

Even with all that’s going on, and there’s a lot going on, I decided to spend part of today reflecting on the coming year. I don’t really do resolutions, but I do try to determine a direction for the year. For the past several years, I have used tarot to help me focus my thoughts and discern pattens of behavior and thinking that are helping or hindering me. I go about this in two ways: a Tarot card for the year (both universal and personal) and a more specific spread to explore ideas about the coming year.

The Year Cards

The year cards use the Major Arcana, the cards representing archetypal images and large-scale life events experienced by most people. The specific card is chosen by adding the individual numbers in the year for the universal card. For the personal card, add the number of the month and day of your birthday to the year.

Universal Year Card – VI. The Lovers

Rider-Waite-Smith Lovers Card

Love is in the air! The numbers in 2022 add up to 6, The Lovers in the Major Arcana. This card is all about relationships, communication, and heart, a generally positive card. This is a good time for relationship building. Theresa Reed at thetarotlady.com says, “If you are considering getting involved with someone for love or business, this is a hell yeah!” Of course, there’s also the chance that wedding bells may be ringing for you this year. Go with your heart!

My personal Card for 2022 – V. The Hierophant

Rider-Waite-Smith Hierophant Tarot Card

By adding the month and day of my birth to the year and doing the necessary reductions, I come up with the number 5, corresponding to the fifth card of the Major Arcana, The Hierophant. This card (to me, anyway) absolutely SCREAMS establishment, hierarchy, tradition. While many see these ideas as repressive, they also represent teachers, advisors, and counselors, as well as an established framework for working through issues. Maybe it’s time to turn to tradition and established rules, or maybe working with a teacher or a counselor is in order.

Follow Your Heart, but … Rules?

At first glance, these two cards seem to contradict each other, forcing a choice between one or the other because surely there’s no way to combine the two. Right? Well … for me, the two cards complement, not contradict, each other.

I have resisted following established traditions and practices because “I need to do what works for me.” Following my heart has taught me a lot, but it falls short when I need to address an issue and I don’t have the resources for it. In those times, I find comfort in established practices and approaches. This is true in all aspects of my life. So this year, the key for me is rooting myself and building a solid foundation, so that I can follow my heart.

The other aspect of my yearly divination addresses this in more detail. I did a seven-card spread with my year card, The Hierophant, as the starting point. More on this in the next installment, although I’ll tease you with a photo of the spread.

Bright Blessings and a happy, prosperous, and healthy New Year to you.

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