The Harrowing

A Reflection on Holy Saturday

“It is finished” he says as he bows his head and dies. 

The sky darkens, the earth trembles,
All creation groans in despair 
As the body, beaten, bruised, and bloody
Is lowered into the arms of the mother who bore him, watched him grow, and saw him die. 

Demonic powers howl with glee
At the all too easy victory. 
God’s anointed is no more, 
His friends cower in the dark, crippled by fear. 
Death has won!

Suddenly, a thunderous sound
As if the very gates of Hell are being battered. 
God’s anointed is come, not in defeat and shame, 
not to take his place among the dead, 
But as a mighty champion, ready for battle. 

Glee turns to terror as the gates burst apart and crash to the ground. 
Demonic hordes who thought themselves triumphant 
now are the ones who cower in fear. 
The ancient adversary thrown down; Death bound in chains. 

Death is destroyed, 
Those in the tombs since the beginning of the world are free.
In Christ, we are alive. 

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

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