Prayer for the Healing of Division

In Response to Injustice and the Harm We Do to Each Other
Loving Creator, Mother and Father of us all,
in whom there is no male or female,
in whom we are all one - 
Help us to truly see the connections among us;
Help us to truly love each other,
including those we feel are unworthy, 
those who make us uncomfortable,
And those whom we regard as our enemies.
For it is in loving that fear of the other is banished.

Loving Redeemer, God become human,
whose incarnation reunites earth and heaven,
who suffered humiliation, exclusion, denial, physical torture, and death 
at the hands of those who felt threatened by you - 
Hold in love those who experience discrimination and disenfranchisement,
Those who experience hatred and violence,
Those who are killed simply because they are different.
Help us to see the Divine in everyone,
For we are all one in Christ.

Loving Spirit of Wisdom, Giver of Life,
the Awen that inspires us,
who guides us to closer union with God - 
Help us to overcome our prejudices,
Help us to truly see that God contains the immense diversity of creation,
Help us to see the beauty in each other.
Help us to see past our discomfort and fear.
Help us to stop hurting and killing.
For our joy is truly found in love of one another and all creation.

+In the name of God, Eternal Spirit and Maker of all that is;
Jesu, the Christ and Bearer of our humanity;
and the Holy Spirit, Breath of Life, Awen, and Source of all Wisdom;
One, Holy and Undivided Trinity,
As it was in the beginning, is now,
And will be for ever.
So may it be.

For Justice and Reconciliation

In perfect love and perfect trust, we ask for the blessings of Air, Fire,
Water, and Earth to help us dispel darkness and hate with the power of
light and love.

Spirits of the East, Spirits of Air, grant us wisdom and inspiration as we work toward truly understanding and truly knowing each other.

Spirits of the South, Spirits of Fire, grant us passion and zeal as we work for justice and equality for everyone.

Spirits of the West, Spirits of Water, grant us healing of mind and heart as we work toward ending fear, division, and hate, and bringing about reconciliation.

Spirits of the North, Spirits of Earth, grant us strength and endurance as we work to build the Beloved Community.

May the powers of the Ancient One,
Spirit of Life,
Source of all creation,
Goddess, bright lady of the moon,
God, horned hunter of the sun,
Guardian spirits, Rulers of the elemental realms,
Powers of the stars above and the Earth below,

*You speak to us from the East and the West,
You speak to us from the North and the South,
You call to us from the depths of our being,
We respond with enthusiasm and fervor,
We cry out from Manila to Maui,
We shout from Alaska to Alabama,
We proclaim love from the highest mountain to the deepest ocean.
Our voices must be heard.
We shall not be silent.
Our voices must be heard.*

Our Voices Must Be Heard, Jonipher Kwong

As we will so mote it be. Blessed be!